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Welcome To Amma Kalviyagam

AMMA KALVIYAGAM is a pioneering initiative in line with Hon'ble AMMA's dream to empower the youth of Tamil Nadu through Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship.

AMMA KALVIYAGAM aims to ensure that the opportunity to learn from the best teachers is provided to everyone, everywhere. With the advent of the economic revolution and development, the world has adopted and adapted to new ways of learning. Online learning is the new driving force in education.

In this fast-paced world one must be equipped with the necessary skills in order for them to sustain in the rat race. At the moment, only a select few have the privilege to acquire these skills.

Students in Urban areas have the opportunity to go to pay and learn from the best institutes/teachers while the rural people or even the poorer ones in the city aren’t provided with that opportunity. The mission of is to construct bridges between learners and educators thereby breaking the barriers of time, distance & money.


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